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The most dangerous drug of all.

The most cliche way it has been described is love is a drug.

But it’s true.

Whoever said it first had it right. Love is something you have heard about and seen other people use.

You grow up witnessing the highs and the lows. You grow up curious if it will be different for you.

Until one day you meet your gateway. You don’t expect to start using so young but you do. The beginning and even middle are the best times to get high.

You’re still discovering how far you can push it. A little more every time. And it’s not like you imagined suddenly.

You find yourself becoming obsessed and irritated with everything. You’re dependent. You walk away but it’s easier to go back every time.

Like drugs the user can hit rock bottom. They have a clear decision to make and there is no returning fully. It’s one of the hardest a person can make in life.

Once you start the withdrawals you remember every good high. You relapse from time to time but it’s not like it used to be. Nothing fits and feels the same.

When the withdrawals are done you never lose the crave. It merely suppresses easier over time.

Love is the ultimate drug in life.

The only drug that let’s humans know it will be alright at the end of the high. Because there are more highs to make you feel higher and one day you’ll never have to come down.


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