The Human Condition: A Short Read on a Long-Ass Subject

By: Erika Napoletano~ My favorite female blogger

A date. A client. Fellow students. Scene partners in improv class. The guy sitting next to me on the bus. A cab driver.

Whenever I meet anyone, I try to remember one not so simple thing: everyone I meet is in the exact same place I am –

Stuck between the person they are and the person they’d like to become.

This morning, I was furiously cleaning my house before having to hop a plane to Denver (and all in the name of not having my pet sitter think I’m a complete slob). One of my scarves was on my dining room table. I grabbed it without a thought and walked it over to my snazzy new wall-mounted coat rack. As I lifted it to hang it up, I caught a scent. I lowered the scarf to my nose. Inhaled.

It smelled like him.

I stood there for a a few more moments than likely appropriate, just rolling around memories of the fun that had imprinted such a scent on my scarf. I smiled.

Today, as you go about doing whatever it is that needs doing, I hope you’ll catch a whiff. Steal a glance. Open a box that hasn’t been opened in quite some time. Maybe you’ll skip Buzzfeed and HuffPost and instead, dial the phone or write a note (complete with address and an actual motherfucking STAMP because there’s nothing old school about a sweet ass letter).

Maybe you’ll have a happy collision with the conflict of your Now and your Next. Each day, we’re surrounded by humans, each facing the same journey — all in the same condition. It’s lovely when someone’s path leaves an imprint on ours, as for a moment this morning I felt better for it. I didn’t find myself sad that a recent thing I thought was going so well imploded (Mac users can imagine the definitive POOF that happens when you drag an icon from your toolbar into the ether — you can imagine my heart being dragged with a similar goal of disposal). I just reminded myself that I met that man stuck smack dab between his Now and his Next.

And between you and me (and the internets, I guess), the scent that made me smile this morning wasn’t his, the dragger of heart icons into the ether. But sending him along his path towards his Next allowed me to collide with someone who has no idea he made my 6:45AM kind of Now a little sweeter.

The human condition — stuck between our Nows and our Will Bes. It’s funny what can come of an OCD-induced early morning cleaning fest and an unnatural kind of love for a wall-mounted coat rack.

~Link to original blog post here


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