To Be Human, Is to Be Beautifully Flawed

I’m human. I’m flawed. I’ve done many things in my life i’m not proud of.

I’ve cheated others. I’ve lied to make myself look better. I’ve stolen from places. I’ve broken hearts. As humans, control over certain actions is hard. The overwhelming emotions happen. One minute you are completely yourself.

Confident. Assured.

The next minute you are out of your own body watching yourself. Thinking the consequences of your actions as they are taking place. You think to yourself. Why am I doing this? Why am I doing something I never said I would do?

Why do we do things so outside of our normal characteristic?

It is because we are human. The perfect person never learned how to be perfect by always doing the right thing. The perfect person never had the best morals or always said the right thing.

The perfect person felt jealousy. The perfect person felt greed. But most importantly the perfect person felt pain.

Pain is the ultimate game changer in life. Maybe at one point someone hurt you so bad you started seeing the world different. Maybe the universe dealt you pain and you didn’t know how to fully recover.

In the end a perfect human is one who feels everything.

The perfect person realizes emotions are life.


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