Self Immunity

Upon discovery, a charge runs through the body.

a shock falls on the victims, and heads no warning.

Just as love so often occurs,

It Succeeds in the ultimate illness.

The soul must allow it to run its course.

Producing the army, white blood cells necessary to

 a downfall. Afterwards immunity is signed,

resulting paranoia, to double the defenses inside.

Just as an illness sweeps past suddenly,

Our love emulates the motion.

 As waves wash up to the land

to recede back to open ocean.

Just As life and those living are all impermanent.


As the nature of all before and after it

Is perishable,

Do not dwell on the inevitable.

The earth calls to gravity

As the open sea doth to me.

Let the soul take its course,

Take the moments not considered lost,

Merely forgotten.

Over time wounds grow scar tissue

In respect for the sanity, return soon.

Pain condenses never becoming truly obsolete,

merely inaudible, never fully pressing delete.


You be the hours laid on the clock, and I

the minutes or merely seconds.

If the future holds a meeting in this tick

There is no telling what time it may be, within that tock.

Do not dwell on the inevitable,

Do not force grief upon the mind

when room for ecstasy is easily buildable.

Do not dwell and ignore,

Like a fair Phaedre for a score.

Self equitable, Opportunities suit themselves.

Envelope the present, envision the future,

Place the past on the lowest shelves.


If it so happens our hands overlap,

Let our eyes meet and simper,

For then the arcane will be the obvious.

And the evidence apparently evident.


The first illness, the root of it all,

presents infinite opportunity.

One only need embrace inevitable,

to gain the soul immunity.

~I wrote this poem my first year in college when my english teacher told us to make a poem about anything. I chose the easiest thing to write poetry about. Love. Not just love but the first love. I took the first love a person experience’s and turned it into a disease. One that breaks you down. But after you have completely beat the disease of love your heart is stronger than it was before. It builds up its own immunity. In the end it is inevitable we all get our heart broken. It is about embracing it and realizing it hurts in the present but helps for the future.

I also used the illusion of hands on a clock representing the first lover. At some point we all wonder what would happen if in 30 years you ran into the first love. Would you both realize at that point the reason the two of you didn’t work out was for the benefit of both you?~

Thought for the day.

“Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.”–Mahatma Gandhi


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